Featuring our hard-working md4-1000 UAV to cover more area per flight, users enjoy the longest flight time on the market, superb stability, and resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields.

  • md4-1000 Payload: up to 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms)
  • Flight time: up to 45 minutes depending on conditions
  • Area covered in one battery charge: up to 148 acres (60 hectares)
  • Sensor: SONY a6300 (24-megapixel camera) and nadir mount
  • Georeferencing method: Aerial triangulation with GCP



Featuring our best-selling md4-1000 UAV, the mdMapper1000 package offers key advantages that will give you a competitive edge and take your business to new heights.

The longest flying time on the market. Impressive stability for highly accurate data collection. Resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields. With the mdMapper1000, you’ll rise to your clients’ toughest challenges every time.


  • Function and flexibility at your fingertips
  • Plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze your missions right from your table

Professionals who use Microdrones UAVs for surveying, mapping, volumetrics, inspection, construction, mining, precision agriculture, and many other commercial applications will appreciate the mdCockpit Android tablet app.

This app was designed for professional drone users and makes it easy to plan, monitor, change, and analyze your flights right from your tablet.

When you’re out in the field flying missions, you should always expect the unexpected. The mdCockpit app was developed to provide you with the flexibility you need to tackle projects and overcome changes and challenges as they arise.

How to download the mdCOCKPIT app:

  • Downloading the mdCockpit app onto your Android tablet is easy
  • Just visit our page in the Google Play store

Technical Requirements: Before downloading, be sure you have firmware mdOS 4.32 or higher. To complete this update, visit the Clients Only section of the Microdrones website and complete the simple steps. Your tablet must be Android 6.0.0 Marshmallow or higher.C5


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