Trimble Cable Payout Meter

The Cable Payout Meter improves the productivity of underwater dredging and structure placement by accurately measuring the location of the load. Used with Trimble HYDROpro software and GNSS hardware on the crane, the Cable Payout Meter reports precise bucket location information against the channel or seawall design to the operator in the cabin.

This precise information gives you “eyes underwater”, so you can see exactly where material should be dredged or material should be placed. No more over- or under-dredging.

It offers the following features:

  • Small display unit with LED display
  • Low latency RS 232 output
  • Rapid 5Hz update rate
  • Simple, single push button for zero calibration
  • Outputs and displays in metric or imperial units (meters or feet)
  • Centimeter (inch) accuracy
  • 100% sealed – marine quality stainless steel sensor

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