Survey Solutions has a long and proud history of providing expertise in servicing and repairing Trimble equipment across the UK.

The Service team

Our multi-award-winning team of Trimble trained Technicians take great pride in keeping up-to-date with leading edge technology. With over 25 years experience in providing expert servicing and repairs on the full range of Trimble equipment, you can be confident in having a partner you can trust.

The Service workshop

With a custom state-of- the-art workshop features the latest Trimble test and calibration equipment. We have just completed an extensive workshop re-fit including installing new test pillars and equipment to accommodate the servicing of the Trimble SX10 Total Station.

OUR commitment TO YOU

Even the best equipment can break down occasionally. Time is money and if your instruments aren’t working, neither are you! Our After Sales and Repair Service is structured to provide you with the best service support, with the fastest turnaround times possible.

We have an open-door approach and are available to discuss any issues or future project requirements for your business.

“Your Problem is our Priority”

We are available to discuss any issues with your Trimble equipment. Call and ask for the Service Team on 0131 440 4688 or email


Service contracts

Instruments covered by a Service Contract have a guaranteed 3-working day turn around on any service or repair. We provide customers throughout the UK from the Shetlands to St Austell with arguably the best service and support in the UK. We pride ourselves in our dedication to providing the most reliable repairs and servicing. We believe our 3 day turn around to all our customers is unrivalled in the UK.

Get in touch with our Service team to discuss the cost of covering your Total Stations, Controllers, GPS and Robotic Scanners.


Service Contracts Includes:

  • Annual strip down service and calibration
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Return carriage with goods in transit insurance
  • Technical support
  • 50% Discounted hire rate
  • Trimble protected plan
  • Service labour irrespective of the number of breakdowns during the period of cover.


  • Protect your investment with fixed running costs
  • No unforeseen bills
  • Environmental damage including fair wear and tear
  • 3 Day turnaround on repairs and servicing
  • Calibration Certificates with full specification to meet your quality assurance requirements
  • Multi-Unit Discounts

locate to protect

The L2P Solution

How do you keep track of your physical assets in multiple locations whether it is equipment in the field or on the job site?

With an L2P Solution, You Can Easily Locate Lost, Stolen or Missing Equipment on the Job Anywhere They Are!

  • Manually tracking those assets can be time consuming and costly.
  • Poor asset management leads to work-stoppages, increased labour costs, and ineffective utilisation.
  • L2P Solutions is your answer!

When business assets go missing or are not able to work, your livelihood is disrupted without notice.

  • You count on those same assets being available to get your job done in order to get paid, stolen, lost, missing assets or injured employees make life painful.
  • Theft goes beyond replacing expensive equipment in hidden costs and show up in low productivity, project delays and increased operating costs, just to name a few.
  • Protect those assets with Trimble’s L2P Solutions.

How It Works

L2P finds an asset’s location by receiving a GPS signal from a clear line of sight with satellites in the sky. If your equipment is stolen, and goes indoors (in a garage or storage facility), the L2P A-GPS technology takes over.

A Trimble L2P Solution provides worry free use of your equipment while reducing unanticipated expenses.

L2P technology is available in an after market kit that can be installed after the purchase of the following products:

  • Trimble S series
  • Trimble C5
  • Trimble SPS
  • Trimble VX

Contact us today if you would like to install and activate Locate 2 Protect (L2P) in your Total Station. This will enable you to track the location of your valuable assets. One of the benefits, it allow SS to manage your fleet throughout the busy year​.