Trimble R580

Proven, reliable positioning

Depend on the Trimble® R580 GNSS system to keep you working with survey precision. Powered by the industry-leading Trimble ProPoint® GNSS engine, this everyday integrated receiver delivers greater productivity and reliable accuracy in more places.#

Benefits & Performance

  • With increased accuracy and reliability in difficult urban and rural environments, the Trimble R580 optimizes productivity using powerful GNSS technologies for maximum results.
  • The Trimble R580 harnesses Trimble ProPoint technology so you can work with precision in difficult places, boosting field work productivity like never before.
  • With proven technology to guard against anti-spoofing and multipath issues, the dependable R580 provides confidence for every measurement and point you capture.


Key specifications

The Trimble R580 GNSS system is a dependable, everyday integrated receiver for survey-grade workflows.

Trimble ProPoint

Industry-leading performance in challenging GNSS environments, including near and among trees and buildings.

Trimble Maxwell 7

Enables fast processing, anti-spoofing capability, and the ability to track all current and new constellations for survey-precision positions in more places.

Trimble EVEREST Plus

Maintain the quality and integrity of your work with Trimble EVEREST Plus, which identifies and removes unwanted multipath signals.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Use the Trimble CenterPoint® RTX corrections service for real-time corrections via satellite or internet without requiring a local base station or VRS network.



Introducing the new Trimble R580

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