Trimble GEDO Scan Office 2.0

The GEDO Scan Pre-Processing Module pre-processes GEDO Scan measurements. Purely relative measurements are then available immediately. Absolute measurements as geo-referenced 3D point cloud for analysis after synchronization with the track geometry


The GEDO Scan Office Point Cloud module enables track specific analysis of the point cloud. The distances of objects relative to the track position or between objects can be measured. The clearance can be checked with a static frame or on the basis of a wagon model. The position of the adjacent track can be detected from the scan. Overhead lines are detected and the distances to the track position are calculated. Points can be taken directly from the point cloud and line objects can be registered automatically. Cross profiles generated along the route are further processed and vectorized with Trimble GEDO Scan Analysis. After automatic dimensioning, the DXF export takes place.

In addition to the data kinematically recorded with the Trimble GEDO Scan System, static laser scan data and point clouds can also be processed by the Mobile Mapping System.

Additional modules (e.g. WinLUE, Clearroute, Banedanmark) allow the export of analysis results according to the requirements of the infrastructure operators for the respective clearance databases.

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