Trimble GEDO Track

Trimble GEDO Track for Slab Track

Constructing slab track calls for fast, precise measurements and immediate feedback. Trimble GEDO in combination with the software Trimble GEDO Track is a simple, integrated system to measure for precise adjustments, inspections and quality checks. In one operation, the Trimble GEDO captures the 3D coordinates of the track, together with gauge and cant. The information is compared to the design, and offsets and correction values are displayed in the field, where work crews make the necessary adjustments. With its precision measurement systems, Trimble GEDO is suitable for conventional and high-speed rail construction.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce construction time and costs with immediate comparison of measured data to design
  • Verify track geometry with accuracy and confidence. Precise optical positioning and a simple, self-contained trolley provide flexibility and reliable results
  • Capture track 3D coordinates, gauge and cant in a single operation
  • Import alignment design from digital or paper plans. Check design information before it goes to the job site
  • Reduce time for documentation and acceptance. Capture adjustment and track acceptance data and quickly prepare reports for contractors and quality inspection
  • Support for industry standard calculations including FAKOP® widening
  • Satisfy reporting requirements with graphical and list form output of corrections for side and height correction plates


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