Trimble R750 MON

High frequency, high accuracy monitoring

The Trimble® R750 MON GNSS receiver incorporates the latest industry-leading positioning technology from Trimble, along with modern communications capabilities, in a rugged form factor that is ready to be deployed on automated monitoring projects.

Key specifications

Benefit from a high frequency, high GNSS receiver that connects seamlessly to Trimble 4D Control™ for automated monitoring without an external modem.

  • Real-time kinematic precision: 8 mm H/15 mm V
  • High frequency position rate: Up to 50 Hz
  • Cellular connectivity: 4G LTE Modem



Features and capabilities

Analyse movement in real-time

Paired with Trimble 4D Control software, automate data collection, analysis (real-time and post-processing), reporting and alarming for monitoring projects.

Trust the latest technology

Trimble Maxwell7 GNSS ASIC tracks the latest signals from all constellations, mitigates multipath, detects interference and protects against spoofing.

Bring precision anywhere

Achieve RTK-level precision with Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections without relying on a local base station or VRS network.

Stay up and running

Utilize all-in-view GNSS constellations with Trimble ProPoint technology to stay up and running with better reliability in challenging GNSS environments.


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