Trimble GEDO NovaTrack

GEDO NovaTrack – Track Design

Design alignment with its absolute position has always been high demanding and challenging subject when it comes to as-built track quality evaluation, speed increase tasks or routine tamping applications.

From this moment on, the new Trimble GEDO NovaTrack software enables automatic reverse calculation of alignment elements in absolute, based on track survey data from Trimble GEDO systems. In this way, the alignment elements with optimal parameters and absolute position are estimated to fit best with current track position. This vital functionality enables seamless design alignment data delivery both for railway track engineering, consulting and construction business segments, in project areas where track design information is absent or out of date.


Automatic Alignment estimation

Sophisticated software statistical engine covers regression analysis of track measurement data and conversion into alignment elements. It also offers several scenarios for finding the right solutions, starting from draft alignment geometry estimate, down to precise element-by- element evaluation and adjustment for compliance with local regulations. For the quality evaluation and result acceptance, calculated data is continuously streamed to selected data viewports, containing both graphical and numerical values.

Rule setting and limitations matters

Individual limitations to the element geometry, speed or cant properties can be preset in advanced and further applied to individual track sections. At the same time, software allows to override speed and cant information with user specific data. Eventually, track alignment elements are adjusted automatically, following speed and cant limitation rules.

Semi-automatic alignment tuning for best match

Track alignment elements can be further adjusted to match current track position, by calibrating bearings, start/end lengths and curvature of individual elements using Curvature and Direction diagrams. The calculated alignment definitions are back transferred to track alignment absolute position.

The Alignment-via-Diagramenvironment brings intuitive assistance during element adjustment process, by broadcasting calculated solution to multiple viewports at the same time. Alignment-via-Diagram tool set plays very important role in those track maintenance applications, where shift & lift of as-built track position to match mathematical track definition has to be done within narrow tamping limits or close clearance constrains.

Flawless data exchange within the GEDO environment

Calculated track alignment data in horizontal, vertical and cant element definitions are exported from the Trimble GEDO NovaTrack module into GEDO environment formats. Further on, exported alignments data can directly be used in Trimble GEDO Office and Trimble GEDO Scan Office software as well in the field by Trimble GEDO Track and Trimble GEDO Vorsys, whether we are dealing with track condition evaluation, tamping or clearance analysis tasks.


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