Trimble RTX

Trimble RTX is our exclusive, advanced PPP technology that provides real-time, centimeter-level positions. Experience true mobility working without the constraints of a local base station or VRS network, with high-level accuracy delivered to you worldwide via satellite or Cellular/IP.

  • Centimeter-Level Accuracy – We’re leading the industry in satellite-delivered GNSS precision, with horizontal accuracy less than two centimeters based on your subscription level.
  • Blazing Fast Initialization – As fast as one minute in RTX FAST areas and reduced times of 15 minutes with standard RTX coverage, meaning you can get to work right away.
  • Better Uptime – Dropped signals are a thing of the past. Our reliable networks ensure you’re always on and working without disruption.
  • Back-Up Service – Satellite delivered xFill, powered by Trimble RTX, seamlessly engages if RTK radio or cellular connectivity is lost, allowing you to work longer with fewer interruptions


Trimble RTX Services

Trimble RTX is a family of real-time GNSS positioning services available via IP/cellular or satellite delivery worldwide. Suitable for all industries, it gives you next-level accuracy and maximizes your workflow with the freedom to work anywhere.

  • CenterPoint® RTX – Best performing centimeter-level positioning service available today for jobs demanding the most precise accuracy.
  • FieldPoint RTX – A decimeter accuracy solution ideal for determining large boundary marks, marking assets and broad-acre applications.
  • RangePoint® RTX – The affordable, highly reliable half-meter accuracy positioning service. It’s the right solution for broad accuracy projects.
  • ViewPoint RTX – An affordable, entry-level positioning service delivering sub-meter accuracy, ideal for data collection.

How It Works

Trimble® RTX correction service is powered by Trimble RTX® technology. RTX leverages real-time data from a global tracking station network along with innovative positioning and compression algorithms to compute and relay satellite orbit, satellite clock, and other system adjustments to the receiver, resulting in the real time high accuracies. These adjustments are transmitted to the receiver via satellite (where coverage is available) and via IP (Internet Protocol) worldwide.

Cellular Delivery

Trimble RTX correction streams are delivered directly to your Trimble receiver via a cellular link; allowing you to calculate your position. To receive the correction messages, a receiver that has cellular connectively (or connected to a device that has cellular connectivity) is required.

Satellite Delivery

When turned on, your receiver tracks the Trimble RTX (L-band) satellite as well as every other satellite in its field of view (including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and QZSS). From the L-band satellite, you will receive the Trmble RTX correction stream that allows you to calculate your position in real time.”


How It Works

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