Settop VRS Repeater

Allows Rover-RTK network users to work in areas of low or no GSM coverage by receiving differential corrections via radio. With only one internet connection received by the integrated GPRS module.

The Settop Repeater allows multiple users to work using a radio link through the transmission of the corrections by the connected radio. The operator will also benefit from working with NTRIP corrections in areas of low or no GSM coverage. Repeater field application versatility is managed by an intuitive software controlled with a touch screen. The hardware design and field applications versatility make Settop Repeater a solution for land surveying applications, marine works, machinery control and agriculture.



  • Save the need of a RTK Base Station. Repeater does not require a know point or geodetic point to be located. Transmit Networt RTK corrections via radio
  • Connect any external radio model. The last firmware update allows connection of any external radio of the market. Settop provides custom radio cables to connect to the repeater
  • User friendly interface.Repeater field application versatility is managed by intuitive software using a touchscreen
  • Autoconnection mode.Using autoconnection mode, there is no need to configure Repeater on the field. Settop Repeater automatically transmits network RTK corrections when is powered
  • Design. Settop Repeater is designed and manufactured in Europe. The enclousure is made from a single block of aluminum, making Repeater, thinner, stronger and more robust


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