Trimble GEDO Rec

Trimble GEDO for Track Documentation

The Trimble GEDO system in combination with the software Trimble GEDO Rec is a fast, efficient tool to measure, record and document detailed information about existing track. With Trimble GEDO, you can quickly survey existing lines without the need for alignment data. In a single operation the Trimble GEDO captures the 3D coordinate position of the track, together with gauge and cant. The information can be used for GIS, redesign and quality control.


Key Benefits

  • Simple, self-contained trolley captures track position, gauge and cant in a single operation
  • Measure long portions of track without disruption to normal rail traffic
  • Optical or GNSS positioning ensures confidence in location and track conditions
  • Fast operation reduces costs and crew size. Capture detailed information on up to 3,000 meters of track in one hour using GNSS, and more than 1,000 meters per hour with total stations
  • Optimize field work by merging results from multiple surveys
  • Export results to GIS and rail design software, and compare existing conditions to design alignment


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