Trimble Settop M1

Total Station Controller

  • This one-of- a-kind total station controller is a combination of a field computer, device server, router, cellular modem and remote switch
  • By merging these items into one device, field set-up is quick and simple
  • Data collection and storage is continuous; even when the internet connection is disrupted, measurement cycles will continue
  • Free subscription to IST Connect Cloud Service simplifies central server connection
  • Remote Total Station access delivers quick setup and configuration anytime



With the Settop M1 monitoring controller connected to a Trimble Total Station you will have the capability to quickly set-up for any monitoring applications, and receive reliable continuous data for decision making and reporting requirements.

Working in conjunction with Trimble 4D Control software, the Settop dependably transfers data from the Total Station into T4D  to give you the data you need for monitoring in mining, buildings, dams and other structural monitoring applications.



Trimble Settop M1 Monitoring Controller Video

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