Trimble GEDO Office

The Trimble GEDO System ensures easy, secure data management throughout data collection and analysis. In the office, GEDO software provides data management and analysis in a modern, cohesive software environment. Importing data from external sources – both digital and paper plans – is fast and efficient. You can quickly complete your work and provide deliverables to clients and colleagues.



GEDO Office Base:

Module for alignment data input and import of design data. Standard design data formats are supported (e.g. Verm.ESN, LandXML).  Alignment data can be checked to verify the use of the data in the field.

GEDO Office Module Rec:

Module for processing GEDO Rec field data. Station setups can be re-calculated. Different matching algorithms are used to connect the overlapping areas. Coordinate export for the left rail, center line and right rail together with the cant and gauge values. Based on alignment data the differences between design and as-built are calculated.

GEDO Office Module Vorsys:

Module for processing GEDO Vorsys field data. Measured data can be re-processed based on another design or new reference
point coordinates. Processing of measurements taken without alignment data for track survey purposes.

GEDO Office Module IMS:

Module for processing GEDO IMS field data. Measured data segments can be analysed and re-processed based on new reference point coordinates as well as merged to a line. The differences between design and as-built are calculated.

GEDO Office Module Tamp:

Module for data preparation for tamping machines. Measured and processed data from GEDO Rec, GEDO Track, GEDO Vorsys and GEDO IMS measurements can be used. A graphical interface allows an easy ramp definition by occurring on minimum lift values, maximum lift and shift values and other constraints. Data for all common tamping machines can be output.

GEDO Office Module Quality:

Generates reports on the quality of the track. In addition to flexible travel chord evaluations, special calculations can be carried out and special formats such as MKS (manual replacement measurement DB AG), Speed Raiser (Network Rail) or TUCRail (Belgium) can be created. For slab track projects, the necessary corrections are optimised and correction lists are created.

GEDO Office Module Monitoring:

Module for comparison of measurements from different epochs for monitoring tasks and control of tamping work.

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