Revolutionising Surveying with the Trimble RTX: Benefits for Modern Surveyors

When Trimble® VRS® was introduced in the UK in 2006, it transformed how surveyors used RTK GNSS systems. For most users, the need for base stations – along with their inherent security risks – became a thing of the past. However, the challenge has always been the lack of universal phone signal with sufficient bandwidth. Roaming SIM cards provided by Survey Solutions Group can help alleviate this issue, yet many users still prefer to have a backup base station.

Enter Trimble RTX®, now available to all VRS users, with a year’s license included with all new Trimble GNSS receivers. The Trimble RTX serves as the ultimate backup to VRS and is a reliable correction source in its own right. 

Here’s how the Trimble RTX can benefit modern surveyors:

Benefits of Trimble RTX:

  1. Enhanced Reliability Trimble RTX doesn’t solely rely on phone signals. Correction data is supplied from multiple geostationary satellites, ensuring more consistent and reliable service.
  2. Global Coverage Unlike the regional nature of VRS, Trimble RTX is a true global service. Surveyors who work across countries or even continents can utilise a single license for all their operations, simplifying logistics and reducing costs.
  3. High Accuracy Trimble RTX delivers impressive accuracy, now specified at 2cm in plan and 3cm in elevation (RMS). This level of precision brings the difference between RTX and VRS closer than ever, providing surveyors with highly reliable data.
  4. Seamless Integration For those already using VRS, integrating Trimble RTX is straightforward. It acts as a complementary solution, ensuring that your surveying operations remain uninterrupted even in areas with poor phone signal coverage.
  5. Cost-Effective With a year’s license included with new Trimble GNSS receivers, Trimble RTX offers a cost-effective solution for surveyors, eliminating the need for additional investments in backup systems.
  6. Increased Productivity By reducing the dependency on physical base stations and leveraging satellite correction data, surveyors can work more efficiently and flexibly, enhancing overall productivity.


Trimble’s VRS and RTX systems together provide a robust, reliable, and precise solution for modern surveyors. With global coverage, high accuracy, and seamless integration, these technologies address many of the traditional challenges faced in the field. Embrace the future of surveying with Trimble RTX and experience the benefits of cutting-edge GNSS technology.

For more information on how Trimble RTX can enhance your surveying operations, contact Survey Solutions Group today.