Trimble Release Business Center (TBC) Version 2024.00

Trimble® Business Center (TBC) office software version 2024.00 has been released. This latest release delivers technological integration, workflow optimisation, and embraces adaptability and innovation to deliver the ultimate field-to-finish workflow.

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In this blog post, we’ll take you through the enhancements, features and capabilities that will revolutionise the way you work.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Seamless collaboration and efficiency between the field and office through the Connected Workspace, a field-to-office and office-to-field cloud data transfer service
  • Integrated survey data delivery for pavement inspection within AgileAssets and introduction of the International Roughness Index (IRI) reporting feature to existing pavement inspection workflows
  • Simplified aerial, tunneling, and rail point cloud data processing workflows through the addition of AI-based point cloud region classification routines
  • Advancements in photogrammetry that expand aerial photogrammetric deliverables and inspection opportunities through new 3D mesh creation

Connected Workflow Optimisation: Seamlessly Integrating Data Across Platforms

Trimble Business Center v2024.00 fosters collaboration and boosts efficiency with enhancements to the Trimble Connected Workspace. Seamlessly integrating data across TBC and Trimble Access field software, outdated processes of downloading and transferring survey data transfer like email or USB sticks are eliminated, driving efficiency between office and field operations. Web-based data transfer from Trimble Access, enabled by Wi-Fi connectivity ensures a fast, easy synchronisation process, enhancing productivity and project execution. Moreover, the TID-based connection allows one TBC user to connect to limitless Trimble Access devices, facilitating collaboration, data management, and empowering teams to focus on their core tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Technological Integration: Streamlining Pavement Inspection Processes

A key highlight of TBC v2024.00 is the seamless integration of survey data delivery for pavement inspection within AgileAssets. The International Roughness Index (IRI) reporting feature contributes to existing pavement inspection workflows, enabling the quick generation of IRI values that seamlessly flow into AgileAssets.

International Roughness Index (IRI) Reporting feature

Embracing AI Technologies: Enhanced Data Processing with Advanced Point
Cloud Classification

AI-powered tools are boosting data processing in TBC v2024.00. Enhanced point cloud classification routines leverage the power of AI to extract valuable insights with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Whether it’s aerial, terrestrial, mobile mapping, or tunneling data, these tools elevate data processing capabilities. 

This version of TBC leverages advanced point cloud solutions, with expanded point cloud classification regions, making tunneling and rail point cloud classification possible alongside terrestrial and aerial regions. With advanced filtering options and enhanced classification regions, TBC v2024.00 supports the growing Reality Capture industry by implementing more classification regions and utilising advancements in machine learning.

Advanced Aerial Photogrammetric Strategies and Deliverables

TBC v2024.00 introduces comprehensive photogrammetric 3D deliverables, with the introduction of Oblique and Nadir imagery for 3D mesh production enhancing existing workflows, simplifying processing and opening new inspection possibilities across diverse domains such as bridges, oil and gas facilities, open-pit mines and dams.

An Ongoing Commitment to Workflow Transformation

Whether a seasoned survey professional or just starting out, Trimble Business Center can help revolutionise your workflows.